The Loan Generator software features the CUneXus CPL system, allowing you to provide consumers with “always on” access to perpetually pre-screened loan products when they need them. We take the guesswork out of loan promotion campaigns allowing you to offer 8 or more unique products that are completely personalized and appropriately customized to your financial institution’s level of risk tolerance.

How it Works
Multi Product Pre-Aprroval Explained
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The Results: Massive Increases in Total Portfolio Loan Volume
Loan Generator ROI Graph
  • 300% – 500% increase in Loan ROI
  • 400% Increase in Loan Volume
  • 295% Increase in Campaign Revenue
  • Large Increase in Loan Activation Rates
  • Decreased Loan Acquisition Costs
  • Improved Operational Effectiveness
  • Reduction in Loan Processing Costs
  • Increased Wallet Share