How The Loan Generator Works to Grow Loans
The Loan Generator feeds various data sources into our Comprehensive Pre-Screened Lending (CPL) engine and outputs relevant pre-approved loan offers that are customized to each individual consumer, reflective of their complete credit picture, and your institution’s level of risk tolerance. These offers are presented across all lending channels, including desktop and mobile banking, and are able to be instantly activated.

We are real time and relevant to the consumer.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Build Customized Pre-Screened Offer Sets in our Loan Engine

Our unique decision engine processes multiple data streams, including those from the lender’s database and from the credit bureau, to generate personalized pre-approved loan offers unique to each target consumer.

2. Deliver Offer Sets via Omni-Channel Tactics

Our platform manages the communication of pre-approved offers across virtually every delivery channel (mail, branch, telephone, online, email, and mobile), offering a consistent consumer experience and cross-selling opportunities at every touch-point.

3. Allow consumers to activate loans in real time

The Loan Generator allows your consumers to activate any of their pre-approved loan offers as needed. This takes the guess work out of loan generation and allows the consumer to control their own lending experience.

4. Adjust campaign loan offers on the fly

When a consumer activates a loan, The Loan Generator will automatically adjusts the current pre-approved offers to correct for the new level of risk.
To compete in the digital world, ease and accessibility are paramount. With The Loan Generator, the right offer is always just a click or tap away. We provide the ultimate in consumer experience, while driving significant revenue through all digital channels – including online and mobile banking. And of course, traditional letters are used as an important campaign kickoff.

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