MPPA Explained

Traditional financial marketing has relied on a single product focus when promoting loans. Each loan offer (such as auto loans, home equity, credit cards, and personal loans) conveniently came in its own individual campaign packaging. If you wanted to promote something from disparate categories you had to send out an individual product offer.

The Current Challenge: The problems with the current approach are many. For one, it’s costly to send an offer on each product. Secondly, more offers sent lead to higher consumer fatigue. Your offers just don’t resonate anymore and are likely ignored.

Finally, no one can accurately determine in advance which loan the consumer wants at any particular time. You might have just sent an auto loan offer at the exact time they we actually looking for a home equity loan.

The Solution:
Build a system that allows the marketer to present multiple pre-approved products, all at once, in the same campaign, in real time… thereby saving time, money, reducing consumer fatigue AND increasing response rates. This is exactly what The Loan Generator does.

Increased Loan Volume

Improved Loan ROI

Decreased Loan Acquisition Costs

Improved Operational Effectiveness

Reduction in Loan Processing Costs

Increased Share of Wallet

The Secret is the Loan Generator Software

Using our unique Comprehensive Pre-Screened Lending (CPL), our software allows you to create multiple product offers across several product lines… all highly tailored to each individual and reflective of their credit worthiness, current product usage, and history.

The Science Behind CPL
• CPL methodology employs deep data analysis to generate highly personalized product offers.

• Our system is capable of analyzing hundreds of data points from an institution’s core processing system and appending dozens of attributes from any of the three major credit bureaus, as well as additional third party data streams (i.e. alternative credit scores, propensity/segmentation models).

• Data streams are combined to generate robust “360-degree” consumer profiles, which are then analyzed to determine credit worthiness and assign relevant, targeted offers through our unique patent-pending CPL methodology.