Let us build a Personalized Return on Investment Analysis for your company!

Basic Support

Improve your Return on Promotional Expense

Show immediate improvement to your loan promotion by featuring the MPPA offers and using our CPL software to generate the highest potential offer set.

Time to launch: 10 – 15 days; Two-campaign minimum

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Expanded Support

Add Loan Activation from Desktop & Mobile Devices

Use the decision engine to generate killer offer sets along with activation links from the consumer’s desktop or mobile device!

Time to launch: 30 – 45 days; Four-campaign minimum

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Full Integration

Seamless Integration into Online and Mobile Banking

Our full enterprise system contains all the above features plus it will integrate with your online banking provider, and virtually every consumer touchpoint throughout your operation resulting in 24/7/365 loan marketing and activation.

Time to launch: 90 days; Three-year agreement

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