What the Heck is Loan Generation Anyway?

Loan Generation Dollar SIgn RisingImagine a marketing program that tells you the customers that qualify for loans. All loans. Auto, home, credit cards and personal loans would be made available to the right customers. This results in better quality leading.


Balances are higher.


Interest rates are higher.


And credit scores average 720.


But it doesn’t stop there. Because this program doesn’t just tell you about these loans. This program tells customers about the loans in unique and dramatic ways.


The marketing is targeted.


Here’s an example. Say there’s a member who hasn’t purchased a car for over 24 months. That person would receive Next Car Purchase marketing materials letting them know they are qualified for a low-interest loan for their next car purchase. Imagine another person who just financed a car. That person would get messaging letting them know they can refinance at a lower rate. This form of targeted messaging is put to work for home loans, credit cards and personal loans as well.


The messaging reaches multiple channels.


You will reach your customers through email, direct mail, your website, your branches, call centers and even mobile. Smartphones open up a wealth of possibilities in these specific situations. Imagine getting financing for your car, via your smartphone, while on the lot. This form of loan marketing and processing is seamless, flexible and unprecedented.


The process is turnkey.


From tailored letters that help increase response rates to detailed ROI and analysis, this program is made to make things easier. Every piece of communication is FCRA/FACT compliant, and every channel is built to work together. And since these prospects are prescreened and targeted, you’ll have a campaign that is efficient and effective.


Starting is easy.


Taking on this program offers tremendous opportunity with minimal personnel. It all boils down to six simple steps:

  1. The Lead Generation team digs into your membership and finds the credit quality and loan type you need.
  2. They will then collaborate with you to develop a tailored and personalized marketing strategy.
  3. The team will send offers to the right people, with the right message using the right channels
  4. You happily close the loans resulting from your targeted offers.
  5. You follow up with your members.
  6. We conduct in-depth ROI analysis on your full campaign.



The detailed analysis is one of the big things make this program so powerful. There was a time when a marketer’s in-depth analysis on the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns involved waiting for the phone to ring or talking to the salespeople. Those days are happily over, and we are all better marketers because of it.


Sending out your messaging used to be the end. Now it’s when the fun begins. You can track everything. You can see what works and what doesn’t. Most importantly, you can take that information into your next campaign.


People used to spend thousands on focus groups and surveys. They’d sit behind one-way glass, eat bad catered food and listen intently to people who knew they were in a focus group. The process tainted the answers.


Now what works and what doesn’t is all right there. You can quickly divert the most funds to the most effective message and medium. You are now in the know and knowledge is — as they say — power.


The charts and graphs in this program present your results in stunning and easy to analyze detail. This analysis can everything from the channels you use to the way you offer a call to action to colors used in the background.


So check out Loan Generation. Your loan acquisition costs will go down. Your loan volume will go up while your relationships with your members will deepen. And that is the best proof of success you can achieve.